Feel Like A Pro Dirt      

Feel Like A Pro Dirt is a training facility where riders can improve their focus and better their riding skills. It allows for the opportunity to ride without the high costs of purchasing a bike, as well as, the maintenance and set-up at the track.  The facility offers the finest of training by well-known and respected Flyn' Brian Bartlow, whose enthusiasm for the sport is clearly evident within his teaching abilities.  Brian has 25 years of motorcycle racing experience and has won countless championships.


 (Left: Brian Bartlow)      

Feel Like A Pro Dirt was modeled after the very popular, Feel Like A Pro road racing rental program, founded in 2009 by Brian Bartlow.  Brian has since sold the road racing rental business to David Seyl, his former mechanic, and is putting his focus into the "dirty" side of racing.

 Dirt track training has been the preferred method for motorcycle athletes and has been used by World Champions in road racing.  It allows the rider to learn throttle control, braking techniques, balance and body position.  Most of all, it builds confidence in the riders' ability to push harder. So, no matter what method of rider you are, be it road, dirt, trials, motocross or street, this program is for you.

 Come on out, learn from the best and have fun doing it!