Dirt Training

Feel Like A Pro Dirt is a training facility in Northern California that allows riders the ability to improve there focus and riding skills. We have many different riding courses that are specific for each drill. Our day starts off with the basic fundamentals of riding. This includes body position, braking techniques, balance, throttle control, head and eye movement and starting. These are the drills that make better riders, even the professional riders have to understand these basic drills. Once we go through the series of drills we follow it up with an open practice season. This allows you to work on the riding fundamentals taught in the morning, plus its a ton of fun. After a quick break with lecture, we start riding at a new level. This new level is something you probably would have never think you can do, Slide Around in the dirt. Yup , we will build your confidence to a point were you will be pushing and sliding the front and rear tire. Building this kind of confidence on a 12 horse power motorcycle is an unbelievable experience.

Even the expert riders build a new confidence in the way they look at riding. We also work on target fixation, look where you want to go. This drill can be a life saving drill as many of us may have run over hit something we looked at on the road or even off road, but didn’t react in time to avoid it. This is a very important drill to do in our program as it could stay with you for the rest of your life. Once our afternoon drill are over its time for some more open practice on our many tracks. Open practices are not only fun, but it gives the riders some freedom to work on the techniques learned from the morning. It allows the instructors to watch and give advise as you ride. We may even get on a bike and follow you to make sure your riding techniques are being executed. By this time you maybe tired, but with smile on your face. As we cool down with a cold bottle of water, we will get together and talk about our day.

This is a great time because you build on some friendship with the riders met during the day. If you are planning the two day school an staying for the next day, we will talk about the activity for day two which will really show you what you are made of. Day 2 follows up where we left off from day one. Day two is the more advanced riding day, but obviously we only push you to your comfort. This one day and two day school has been the most popular. So come on out and see what we are all about.


Visit our website to learn more about our program http://www.flattracksafetygroup.org/
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The Flat Track Safety Group’s mission is to improve the safety and lower the risk of injury to motorcycle flat track participants. Created to fill the need for an organization to over see the safety aspects throughout the industry. In recent history there has been a dramatic increase in the number of catastrophic injuries and deaths during flat track racing events, but nothing has been done to comprehensively address the safety of our sport. Our goal is to make changes going forward for a safer riding community.