Dirt Bike School

Inaugural Invite presented by Dunlop

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Brian Bartlow made the long journey from the western side of the United States on the Californian coast all the way to the heartland of America to compete at the inaugural Invite presented by Dunlop at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.

 It was clear from the getgo that Bartlow was itching to get out on track as the 50-year-old racer signed up to compete in a total of five classes throughout the three-day weekend of racing and riding festivities. The Californian registered to race in the 300 & 400 +25 class, the 300 & 400 +30 class, the 300 & 400 +40 class, the 300 & 400 +50 class, as well as the 300 & 400 Shoot-Out division. In the 300 & 400 +25 class, Bartlow rode hard in the opening race and came within seconds of the lead at the checkered flag, but he would be forced to settle for 2nd position as he finished 2.7 seconds behind the leader at the checkered flag. The 2nd place finish proved to be the motivation that the Californian needed to take the next step, because he ended up taking the win in the +30, +40, and +50 classes. Bartlow swept all six of the races that he contested between the three classes and came away with a trio of number one plates for his efforts, making himself one of the winningest riders at the entirety of the event with undeniable speed and outright consistency. 

In the 300 & 400 Shoot-Out class, the fifty-year-old had a battle in the opening race that lasted the entire six laps with John Knowles as the two of them finished only one second apart at the checkered flag. The second race was no different as the margin between them at the finish line was even less than one second, but Bartlow still found a way to edge out his competition to the sixth-place result at the finish line.