It’s all about the Adventure!!

Feel Like a Pro Dirt Moto Adventures is located in Kelseyville, California, in beautiful Lake County. Approximately two and one half hours north of San Francisco, we are fortunate to be situated in and around some of the finest off-road and street riding areas in Northern California. Our goal is to offer motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to rent state-of-the-art, motorcycles and take advantage of the superlative off-road  opportunities we have in our area. In addition, we offer off-road instruction at our ten-acre training facility and guided off-road tours in and around Lake County. Our goal is to offer our customers the use of our bikes and instruction at reasonable rates and to make your ride as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.

We are presently offering the Kawasaki KLX140s as our tool-of-choice when taking advantage of all the great trail riding we have at hand. This bike has always received terrific reviews and we think it is a great vehicle for casual, trail rides and overnight adventure rides. If you are into our Northern California twisty trails or short-duration overnight adventure rides, this is the machine for you!

What else are we up to?

Here in Kelseyville, in addition to dual-purpose bike rentals, we also have a dirt bike training facility. We think proper training is the heart and soul of fun and safe riding of any sort. Located on ten-acres, we have a host of tracks with skill sections designed to develop and hone dirt riding skills. It is no secret that grand prix racers at the highest amateur and professional levels, use dirt bike riding to help perfect their road racing skills. We think all street riders benefit from such skill development too.
Ready to take that adventure bike of yours off road? Why not take some dirt bike training, specifically designed for adventure riders. Learn on our bikes and then apply these same skills to your own riding.
Why not join us on a short-duration adventure ride. We will provide you with some training at our facility and then we will embark on an overnight adventure ride.
Come join the fun and adventure at Feel Like a Pro Dirt Moto Adventures!